Black Slave Owners

Red Clay to Richmond: Trail of the 35th Georgia Infantry Regiment, C.S.A.
The story of the 35th Georgia Infantry Regiment. Using many previously unpublished primary accounts. Follow these men as they move from their homesteads to the Confederate capital at Richmond. Details the daily life of the average Confederate soldier.It reveals the true American spirit of courage exhibited through deprivation and hardship

Georgia Civil War Map of Battles
State Flag History

Georgia Civil War Map of Battles
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Civil War Milledgeville: Tales from the Confederate Capital of Georgia
In the town of Milledgeville, Georgia--the state capital during the Civil War the actions of local soldiers and citizens alike tell a story that is unique to that locale. The division between combatant and civilian at the local level is not always clear. The often forgotten events and people that have shaped our larger understanding of the Civil War, from a womens riot to a confederate cavalry rescue.

Sherman's March: The First Full-Length Narrative of General William T. Sherman's Devastating March through Georgia and the Carolinas
Beginning with the fall of Atlanta, the unrelenting aggressive slash and burn total warfare of General Sherman's Union troops, and then the final march into Raleigh
  April 10-11, 1862 Fort Pulaski
March 3, 1863 Fort McAllister I
September 18-20, 1863 Chickamauga
November 27, 1863 Ringgold Gap / Taylor's Ridge
February 22-27, 1864 Dalton I
May 7-13, 1864 Rocky Face Ridge / Mill Creek / Dug Gap
May 13-15, 1864 Resaca
May 17, 1864 Adairsville
May 25-26, 1864 New Hope Church
May 26-June 1, 1864 Dallas / Pumpkinvine Creek
May 27, 1864 Pickett's Mills / New Hope
June 9-July 3, 1864 Marietta / Pine Hill / Ruff's Mill
June 22, 1864 Kolb's Farm
June 27, 1864 Kennesaw Mountain
July 20, 1864 Peachtree Creek
July 22, 1864 Atlanta
July 28, 1864 Ezra Church / Battle of the Poor House
August 5-7, 1864 Utoy Creek
August 14-15, 1864 Dalton II
August 20, 1864 Lovejoy's Station
August 31

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