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Drewry's Bluff
Fort Darling, Fort Drewry
Civil War Virginia

American Civil War
May 15, 1862

Peninsular Campaign Map


Raise The Alabama
She was known as "the ghost ship." During the Civil War, the CSS Alabama sailed over 75,000 miles and captured more than 60 Union vessels. But her career came to an end in June of 1864 when she was sunk by the USS Kearsarge off the coast of Northern France

With the fall of Yorktown, the Confederate ironclad Virginia at Norfolk was scuttled to prevent her capture.This opened the James River to Federal gunboats.

On May 15, five gunboats, including the ironclads Monitor and Galena, steamed up the James to test the Richmond defenses. They encountered submerged obstacles and deadly accurate fire from the batteries at Drewry's Bluff, which inflicted severe damage on the Galena.

The Federal Navy was turned back.

Result(s): Confederate victory

Location: Chesterfield County

Campaign: Peninsular Campaign (March-September 1862) next battle in campaign   previous battle in campaign

Date(s): May 15, 1862

Principal Commanders: Cdr. John Rodgers [US]; Cdr. E. Farrand, Brigadier General William Mahone, Capt. S. S. Lee, and
Lt. John Taylor Wood [CS]

Forces Engaged: 5 gunboats [US]; battery garrison [CS]

Estimated Casualties: 41 total

Uss Galena Ironclad
USS Galena Ironclad
12 in. x 9 in.
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Framed   Mounted

Confederate Submarines and Torpedo Vessels 1861-65
Interesting information and many excellent illustrations. It addresses the CSA David class torpedo boats and the Hunley (and its predecessors), as well as Union examples such as the Alligator and the Spuyten Duyvil

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Civil War Curiosities: Strange Stories, Oddities, Events, and Coincidences
This work was fascinating to read and was neither over dramatic or under written. The stories were lively and interesting and the additon of old photos and draqwings helped fill out the book.
Army Map of The Seat of War In Virginia, c.1862
Army Map of The Seat of War In Virginia, c.1862
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Drewry's Bluff Virginia, The Interior of Confederate Fort Darling on the James River
Fort Darling on the James River

Scene off City Point, Drewry's Bluff James River Virginia

Sketch, possibly by Edward H. Schmidt (a crewman on USS Mahaska).

Items identified by numbers include:
1. USS Mahaska ; 2. Schooner N.C. Claver ; 3. tug Dragon ; 4. USS Monitor ; 5. USS Wachusett ; 6. chartered steamer; 7. a schooner; 8. a gunboat; 9. USS Galena , disabled; 10.

More Pictures of the Naval Battle at Fort Darling on the James River

Photo of the USS Galena after the battle, one plugged hole from enemy shot (near the waterline in bottom left center)

Pictures and plans for the Naval Ship Galena

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Glory in the Name: A Novel of the Confederate Navy
From Norfolk to Hampton Roads, from Roanoke Island to the nighttime battle on the river below New Orleans, Glory in the Name tells the story of the Confederate States Navy, and the brave men who carried forward against overwhelming odds

Life in Mr. Lincoln's Navy
A tantalizing glimpse into the hardships endured by the naval leadership to build and recruit a fighting force. The seaman endured periods of boredom, punctuated by happy social times and terrifying bouts of battle horror
Civil War Replica Musket
Civil War Musket
Wood & Steel Frontier Rifle Designed After The Original Rifle

Civil War Revolver Pistol
Civil War Model 1851 Naval Pistol
Ships and Naval Battles
Virginia State Battle Map 1862
State Battle Maps
Civil War Submarines
Confederate Commanders
Civil War Picture Album
Civil War Summary
Clara Barton - American Red Cross
Kids Zone Underground Railroad
American Civil War Exhibits
Civil War Timeline
Women in the War
Enfield Rifles
1861 Springfield Rifle

American Civil War Naval Book Titles
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Confederate Ironclad vs Union Ironclad: Hampton Roads 1862
The Ironclad was a revolutionary weapon of war. Although iron was used for protection in the Far East during the 16th century, it was the 19th century and the American Civil War that heralded the first modern armored self-propelled warships.
Release date Nov. 2008

Year on a Monitor and the Destruction of Fort Sumter
Personal view of the Civil War Navy. The monitor saw action in several significant naval assaults by the Union's Squadron. It took part in the failed Federal attack on Sumter in April 1863. The "Nahant" also participated in the capture of the Confederate Ram "Atlanta," and in the assault on Fort Wagner
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Reign of Iron

Reign of Iron: The Story of the First Battling Ironclads, the Monitor and the Merrimack
The first ironclad ships to fight each other, the Monitor and the Virginia (Merrimack), were the unique products of American design genius

War, Technology, and Experience aboard the USS Monitor
The experience of the men aboard the Monitor and their reactions to the thrills and dangers that accompanied the new machine. The invention surrounded men with iron and threatened their heroism, their self-image as warriors, even their lives

Civil War Video Games

Wargame Construction
Age of Rifles 1846 - 1905

Game lets you design and play turn-based strategic battles. You can create scenarios betwen years 1846 and 1905. You have complete control over all the units, and can customize their firepower, movement points, strength, aggressiveness, etc. Supports 1 or 2 players
Nation Divided
History Channel
Civil War A Nation Divided

Rally the troops and organize a counterattack -- Your strategic decision and talent as a commander will decide if the Union is preserved or if Dixie wins its independence
Sid Meiers
Sid Meier's Civil War Collection
Take command of either Confederate or Union troops and command them to attack from the trees, rally around the general, or do any number of other realistic military actions. The AI reacts to your commands as if it was a real Civil War general, and offers infinite replayability. The random-scenario generator provides endless variations on the battles
video game
Campaign Gettysburg:
Civil War Battles

Campaign Gettysburg is simply the best of all the HPS Civil War games. While all of those are very good in their own right they simply do not compete with the level of detail presented here.
Hundreds of scenarios and multiple OOBs are only the start, the best thing is the campaign game

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