George McClellan at Yorktown


General Lee Family Slaves


General "Stonewall" Jackson and General Nathaniel Banks at Cedar Mountain


What Caused the Civil War


James Buchanan and Fort Sumter: 1860


Hinson's Mill


General Robert E. Lee and John Brown 1859


The Army of Northern Virginia Moves On Gettysburg


General Lee With the Comanches in Texas


General Lee Feints at Great Run


The Gettysburg Letterbook


Relative Command Decisions Second Manassas


Lincoln Cooper Speech


I have two versions of Lee's Service record and want to make sure that the latest and greatest is the one that gets put up

One version I already worked over - lets call it the blue one

One that I just picked up in my catch-up - lets call it white one


General Ewell’s Adjutant General’s, Campbell Brown’s, “Recollections”


The Narrows


and I have this one that I think I lost the pictures to or I this was updated to "relative Command Decisions second manassas"

Battle of Second Manassas