Garnett's Farm
Golding's Farm
Civil War Virginia

American Civil War
June 27-28, 1862

Peninsular Campaign Map

While battle raged north of the Chickahominy River at Gaines' Mill on June 27, CSA General Magruder demonstrated against the Union line south of the river at Garnett's Farm.

To escape an artillery crossfire, the Federal defenders from Major General Samuel P. Heintzelman's III Corps refused their line along the river.

The Confederates attacked again near Golding's Farm on the morning of June 28 but were easily repulsed.

These "fixing" actions heightened the fear in the Union high command that an all out attack would be launched against them south of the river.

Result(s): Inconclusive

Location: Henrico County

Campaign: Peninsular Campaign (March-September 1862) next battle in campaign    previous battle in campaign

Date(s): June 27-28, 1862

Principal Commanders: Major General George B. McClellan [US]; Major General John B. Magruder [CS]

Forces Engaged: Divisions

Estimated Casualties: 830 total

The Peninsula, VA, General McClellan's Officers, Civil War
The Peninsula, VA, General McClellan's Officers, Civil War
16 in. x 12 in.
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Echoes of Thunder
Echoes of Thunder
A Guide to the Seven Days Battles

This is a valuable and welcome addition to this series of battlefield guides. This book will provide you with a guide on the field or it will supplement reading about the American Civil War battle of The Seven Days.

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McClellans Story
McClellan's Own Story

Born in Philadelphia on December 3, 1826, George B. McClellan graduated from West Point in 1846 before serving in the Mexican War. At the start of the Civil War, McClellan was put in a position of leadership and after a successful campaign in Virginia he was given command of the Army of Potomac
General Mcclellan's 6th Pennsylvania
General Mcclellan's 6th Pennsylvania
24 in. x 18 in.
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Civil War Nurse Barbie
Civil War Nurse Barbie

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The Richmond campaign of 1862 ranks as one of the most important military operations of the American Civil War. Key political, diplomatic, social, and military issues were at stake as CSA General Lee and USA General McClellan met.
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For three months General McClellan battled his way toward Richmond, but then CSA General Lee took command of the Confederate forces. In seven days, Lee drove the cautious McClellan out, thereby changing the course of the war
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Civil War Battlefield Guide

Virginia was host to nearly 1/3rd of all Civil War engagements. This guide covers them all like a mini-history of the war. This guide organizes battles chronologically. Each campaign has a detailed overview, followed by concise descriptions of the individual engagements
Extraordinary Circumstances
Extraordinary Circumstances
The Seven Days Battles

One of the most decisive military campaigns in Western history, the Seven Days were fought in the area southeast of the Confederate capitol of Richmond from June 25 to July 1, 1862

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