General Lee Headquarters Flag
General Lee's Headquarters Flag

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Lodge Logic Camp Dutch Oven
Large 8 quart cast iron oven. The legs are for ease of use in campfires. Flanged lid to place coals on top of oven. Great for stews, chilli, roasts (wild game) and complete recipes for everything including old-fashioned bread.This is made in the US and the quality is exceptional. A must for reenactors villages.
Camping Supplies

Cast Iron Waffle Iron
12 Inch Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet
Full size military Camp Cot
One and two man tents
Large size and multiple room tents
Hiking Boots
Jan Sport Back Packs
High Sierra Camp Equipment
Water Purification Systems and Supplies
Bug Repellent
Mosquito Netting
Fire Starters and Lighters
The Illustrated Directory of Weapons
Uniforms and Equipment of the Civil War

Wide-ranging display of artifacts from the Civil War will be an essential reference for collectors of military paraphernalia, wargamers, and anyone interested in military history. Weapons and uniforms of both the North and South have been photographed in vivid color for this book. Experts at West Point Military Academy and other military history establishments approved the carefully researched and specially commissioned artwork of uniformed figures that appear in this directory
Reliving the Civil War
A Reenactor's Handbook

Excellent information on the reenacting hobby

Confederate Officer Uniform
Adult Confederate Officer Uniform

Adult Union Officer Uniform

Civil War Confederate Army Revolver
Enfield Rifles
1861 Springfield Rifle

Military Wool Blankets

Arms and Equipment of the Civil War
Marvelous illustrations, the text describes what materiel was available to the armies and navies of both sides. Iron-clad gunboats, submarine torpedoes, and military balloons to pontoon bridges, percussion grenades, and siege artillery

Don Troiani's Regiments and Uniforms of the Civil War
Individual units that earned their reputations on the battlefield and the distinctive uniforms they wore. In addition to 130 paintings of battle scenes and individual figures, the book also includes more than 250 full-color photographs of the uniforms the soldiers wore and the accouterments they carried

Civil War Confederate
Suede Grey Kepi Hat

Civil War Union
Suede Blue Kepi Hat

Cold Steel 1860 Cavalry Saber Sword
Metal Scabbard Authentic weight

Civil War Confederate Revolver

Kindle Available
Civil War Firearms

Standard Catalog of
Civil War Firearms

Over 700 photographs and a rarity scale for each gun, this comprehensive guide to the thousands of weapons used by Billy Yank and Johnny Reb will be indispensable for historians and collectors.

MP3 Downloads

Dixie's Land
Fireman's Polka
Marching Through Georgia
Ride To Fort Hays
Ashokan Farewell
Battle Hymn Of The Republic
The Bonnie Blue Flag
Uniforms of the Civil War: An Illustrated Guide for Historians, Collectors, and Reenactors
Hundreds of photographs and paintings illustrate this definitive guide to the uniforms worn by both sides
Civil War Cannon Collectible
Civil War Cannon
Collectible Models and childrens playsets
Miniature Collectible Civil War Cannon12 pound Civil War field cannon replica weapon collectible is a detailed 1/12th scale military caisson replica weapon collectible as used throughout the Civil War
Childrens Cannon Set. Includes 6 gray cannon with black wheels that measure 4.5 inches long

Civil War Collector's Encyclopedia: Arms, Uniforms and Equipment of the Union and Confederacy
Comprehensive reference identifies and describes uses of more than 800 items. Arranged alphabetically by topic, subjects range from artillery accouterments and boats to tools and patriotic sheet music.

Sharpshooters of the American Civil War 1861-65
When the American Civil War broke out in 1861 both Confederate and Union experts decided that specialized sharpshooter units should be formed. These highly trained marksmen served in a front-line role and, due to the technological developments of the 1850s, were equipped with weapons that could guarantee greater accuracy over increased range than traditional muskets.


The Civil War Soldier
A Photographic Journey

Unposed photographs of Civil War reenactors with sound historical research, photographer and reenactor Ray Carson has captured the reality of the common soldier's life.
campfire tripod
Campfire Tripod
Constructed of forged iron, this will hold Cast Iron Dutch Ovens. It's easy to set up and has an adjustable 26" chain so you've got control of the heat. Holds up to 40 lbs

More outdoor cooking equipment
Cannons Introduction Civil War
Cannons: An Introduction to Civil War Artillery
The concise guide to the weapons, ammunition and equipment of Civil War artillery. More than 150 photos and drawings.

Reenactors Encyclopedia
The Civil War Reenactors' Encyclopedia
Besides his weapons, the soldier needed a leather belt with a cap box for the percussion caps that fired his weapon, a box for his cartridges, a sling/scabbard for his bayonet, a haversack or knapsack to carry his rations and his few personal items

7-Quart Dutch Oven with Iron Cover
Just like an heirloom pan you will find that even pineapple upside down cake doesn't stick to this surface. A perfect pot for making pot roast, simmering slow-cooked stews, or making your own soup stock. Cast Iron. A must for re-enactors campsites.

1860 Enfield Civil War Musketoon
This piece is a full-size non-firing reproduction of the rifle used in the Civil War. The body is made of European hardwood

12 pound Civil War field cannon
12 pound Civil War field cannon replica weapon collectible is a detailed 1/12th scale military caisson replica weapon collectible as used throughout the Civil War. It features include 5.34" cast zinc barrel wood carriage 4.5" metal rimmed rotating wheels detachable ram and measure powder laddle metal chains/fittings & real rope breeching
Camping Ground Cloth
Ultralite Ground Cover
Ground Cover 42x90 Waterproof Ground Cloth

G.I. Type Olive Drab Aluminum Folding Cot
Heavy duty aluminium GI construction. 75" x 26" x 16". Poly carrying case included. Designed for years of service.

Deluxe Heavy-Duty Military Folding Cot
500 pound capacity
Heavy duty aluminum frame comes with its own nylon carrying case. Opens to a comfortable 75" x 26" x 16" size.

Water Purification Systems and Supplies
Bug Repellent
Mosquito Netting
Fire Starters and Lighters
Camp Stoves
Portable Toilets
Medical Bag First Aid Supplies
Camouflage Apparel
Kindle Available
On Gunnery Hitory of American Artillery

On Gunnery: The Art and Science of Field Artillery from the American Civil War to the Dawn of the 21st Century
The fascinating evolution of artillery from the battlefields of the American Civil War to the desert sands of the middle east at the dawn of the 21st Century. Chronicling the evolution of fire direction and control from the muzzle loaded cannons of the Union and Confederacy
Civil War soldier toys 102 pieces
Civil War Soldier 102 Piece Playset
  • 25 Union and 25 Confederate Soldier Figures, 18 Horses, 10 Cannon
  • 2 Covered Wagons, 2 Tents, 2 Canoes, 2 Flags, 16 Fences
  • Size: Figures Stand up to 2-1/8 inches tall
  • Scale: 1/32nd, Wagons and Horses slightly smaller

Confederate Officer Adult Uniform

Confederate Mess Plate
Civil War Mess Plate - Polished Tin Confederate / CSA / US Replica

The Civil War Catalog
More than 200 illustrations and restored photographs, all the weapons, uniforms, and implements of battle. Packed with color photos of insignia, medals, kits, paper ephemera, rare uniforms, and personal equipment for all enlisted ranks.

Military Marching Compass
Military Marching Compass

Civil War Blanket
Woolrich Civil War Artillery Blanket
  • Wool blend 85% wool/15% nylon
  • Hand wash or dry clean
  • 70" x 84"
  • Gettysburg Blanket style
  • Fort Sumter Blanket

Lodge Logic Pre-Seasoned 15 Inch Cast-Iron Skillet
Large Skillet with 2.25 inches in depth. This one is not for the standard home stove.
Bonnie Blue Flag

Bonnie Blue
The Confederate government did not adopt this flag but the people did and the lone star flags were adopted in some form in five of the southern States that adopted new flags in 1861.
Southern Cross Flag

Used as a navy jack at sea from 1863 onward. This flag has become the generally recognized symbol of the South.
Second Confederate Flag
second confederate flag
On May 1st,1863, a second design was adopted, placing the Battle Flag (also known as the "Southern Cross") as the canton on a white field. This flag was easily mistaken for a white flag of surrender especially when the air was calm and the flag hung limply.
More on Confederate Flags

History of the Quartermaster Corps
Confederate Store
American Civil War Exhibits
Civil War Timeline
Women in the War
State Battle Maps
Civil War Picture Album

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