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  November 1860 Abraham Lincoln is Elected by the Northern States
  December 1860 President James Buchanan - State of the Union Address
  January 1861 The Situation in Charleston Harbor
  February 1861 The Confederate Government Is Formed
  March 1861 President Lincoln's Inauguration Day
  April 1861 Lincoln Dupes the Confederates to fire on Sumter
  May 1861 Lincoln builds an army and invades Virginia
  June 1861 Virginia Defends Herself
  July 1861 Lincoln Forces a Battle
  August 1861 Lincoln and Davis Choose Their Generals
  September 1861 Both sides give a little
  October 1861 McClellan Pushes Scott Out the Door
  November 1861 Lincoln Dances With The Great Powers
  December 1861 Lincoln and McClellan Begin Their Struggle
  January 1862 McClellan Confounds the Politicians
  February 1862 Grant Breaks the Kentucky Line
  March 1862 Congress Plans Freedom for the Slaves
  April 1862 The Origin And Object Of The War
  May 1862 Charles Sumner wins the argument
  June 1862 The Senate Sticks To The Constitution
  July 1862 Congress's War Policy Changes
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  Biography of John McGowan Fort Sumter January 9, 1861
James W. Lowen    
  Five Civil War Myths  
Current Events    
  The NAACP and the Sesquicentennial  
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Rebellion Road by Joe Ryan
Rebellion Road

Rebellion and revolution, freedom and bondage, sovereignty and subjugation: these are the competing human conditions that fill the scenes in the nove. The story---true to the material facts of history---begins as Abraham Lincoln takes possession of the Presidential Chair and tricks the Confederate Government into bombarding Fort Sumter

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