Black Slave Owners

The “Bowers"

Bivouac of Stuart’s Cavalry Oct. 1862



After the battle at the Antietam, General Lee withdrew his army across the Potomac and went into camp near Bunker Hill. Stuart put his cavalry division into camp in the clover fields of the Dandridge farm on the Opequon. At Lee’s direction, on October 10, Stuart moved with 1,800 troopers to McCoy’s Ford, crossed the Potomac and rode for the second time around McClellan. The intelligence Stuart gained on this reconnaissance was used by Lee in planned the battle of the battle at Gettysburg.




Within twenty-four hours Stuart had his expedition across the Potomac at White’s Ford, near Poolesville, Maryland, and returned to the army.


The “Bowers"


This property, as well as two others near by, were and are owned by the Dandridge family. Martha Washington was of this family.


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Joe Ryan is a Los Angeles trial lawyer who has traveled the route of the Army of Northern Virginia, from Richmond to Gettysburg, several times.

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